Local Fishing info…

Photo courtesy of SATC

Local Fishing info…

Recreational Fishing

Port Lincoln is one of the state’s most popular locations for visitors to drop a line. There are many species and facilities available to cater for the keen fisherperson.


The main wharf, fuel berth and slipway are either closed or restricted, and it is important to seek local advice or permission before attempting to fish from them. The town jetty and Kirton Point Caravan Park jetties are open for general use. There are also jetties at North Shields, Louth Bay, Tumby Bay, Coffin Bay and Mt. Dutton Bay.

When to come for your favourite species?

  • Whiting, snapper, salmon, sweep, snook, tommy ruffs, garfish, squid, and many other species available all year round.
  • Tuna can be caught late summer and autumn and kingfish can be found in late spring and summer.
  • Fishing Regulations Size limits and bag limits vary for different species, so carry the latest fishing guide.
  • It’s free and you can pick one up at any fishing or boating outlet. Good Fishing!

Boats and Facilities

There are marinas at both Port Lincoln and Tumby Bay. Boat ramps are located at Tumby Bay, North Shields, Port Lincoln, Taylor’s Landing, Port Neill, Coffin Bay and Mt. Dutton Bay.
It is also possible to beach launch at Louth Bay, Avoid Bay and Farm Beach.
At certain times adverse sea and beach conditions will make some of these locations unusable so it’s worth seeking information from boating equipment and tackle dealers. While you’re there, get a few tips from their knowledgeable staff.

There are extensive aquaculture and commercial fishing activities in and around Eyre Peninsula waters. It is advisable to keep your distance so they can go about their business.
If you intend to sail these waters after dark, please ensure you have the latest information regarding the location of all aquaculture sites in the area.
There are coastguard stations at Louth Bay and Tumby Bay, with all marine radio frequencies monitored. In our vast waters, you may find yourself many hours from emergency help. We therefore recommend you advise the relevant stations of your activities as a safety precaution.

Beach and Rock Locations

There are far too many rock locations to list and of course they all have particular times when fishing is best. The Lower Eyre Peninsula includes over 1000kms of coast within 2 hours drive of Port Lincoln, so local knowledge is essential. Many of the best spots are in National Parks. You will need an entry permit - available at the Port Lincoln Visitor Information Centre. There are also many locations on private land, but please get permission before entering them. Detailed information on top fishing spots is readily available at local tackle outlets, so it’s best to visit them before planning a trip.