Mediterraneo Festival 2005

Each year Port Lincoln's Mediterraneo festival celebrates the similarities we enjoy with the Mediterranean Sea region of Southern Europe. The festival sprawls in spectacular fashion along the prawn boat promenade - Lincoln Cove Marina.

Crowd enjoying carnival


Port Lincoln is on the same latitude in the South as the Mediterranean is in the North. This explains our Mediterranean climate, similar land forms and our great success with local seafood, wines and more recently, our growing olive industry.

These factors provide a very strong theme for the festival so visitors can enjoy all the colour, the spectacle and the fun of a Mediterranean festival right here in Port Lincoln.

Participating in Greek Dancing

Shown by the experts

Festival highlights include:
  • Mediterranean music and dance performances
  • The worldıs longest Zorba dance line
  • Gondola marina tours.
  • Bocci competition
  • Mediterranean Cooking Expo
  • Fresh local seafood and wines
  • Themed Mediterranean food stalls
  • Mediterranean Nights feature performance finale
Come to Mediterraneo...  Your chance to play, taste and indulge in the delights of the Mediterranean right here in Port Lincoln!

For further information contact: 
Port Lincoln Multicultural Council 
Anna Papazoglov (08) 8682 5919.

Photos supplied by Mark McIlvena.