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Lincoln National Park


Location 13km south west of Port Lincoln, via Proper Bay road.
Phone 1300 788 378
email [email protected]

Opening Hours


The Parks are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Please contact Port Lincoln Visitor Information Centre 1300 788 378

Description of Facilities

• Walking trails & Lookouts
• Picnic areas
• Toilets
• Camping (9 campgrounds)
• Accommodation @ Donnington cottage (power & hot water & beds)
• Wide viariety of Fauna & Flora species
• Memory Cove Wilderness Protected Area – Requires a Gate Key and Permit, collected from the Port Lincoln Visitor Information Centre (key deposit required)


Day Entry and Camping passes can be purchased at the entrance of the National Park with self registration. Please take correct money as no change can be given.

8 week or 12 month National Parks Passes can be purchased from the Port Lincoln Visitor Information Centre

Day Entry -
$11.00 entry per vehicle
$9.00 concession entry per vehicle
Hikers / Cyclists Fee Exempt

Camping -
$10.00 per night per vehicle
$6.00 per night per cyclist / hiker

Important information
Check fire ban dates -
Fire Restrictions

The Country Fire Service Fire Ban Period for Lower Eyre Peninsula is
From 1st of November 2012 until 15th April 2013.

Further to CFS Regulations, National Parks and Wildlife Regulations also apply to campfires in parks.

Campfires are Prohibited throughout the year in the;

  • Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area,
  • Surfleet Cove Campground and the Stamford Hill Day Use Area (including the beaches).

Small solid fuelled campfires are permitted at other sites within Lincoln National Park provided the following conditions are applied;

  • It is not a total fire ban day.
  • Fires are only permitted on the beach below high tide mark, during the fire ban season
  • Wood is collected from outside the park.
  • There are no other flammable materials within 4 Metres of the fire.
  • The fire is no more than 1 square metre in area.
  • A responsible person is in attendance at all times.
  • The fire is extinguished before leaving.
  • Liquid fuelled campfires are not permitted in the park.

*solid fuel fires include Weber barbeques, fire drums and any other structure, which contains a solid fuel fire.

Gas fires are permitted throughout the year except on total fire ban days.

The CFS broadcast total fire ban notices on local radio 891 ABC, 1485 AM 5LN, 765 AM 5CC and 89.9 MAGIC FM.


Proper Bay Road, Port Lincoln, SA
13km SW from Port Lincoln PO + Visitor Centre|View Larger Map